36 benefits of yoga mat beginners should know before buying yoga mat.

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A yoga mat is not just apparel but it is a metaphor that represents a place where your body and mind are going to be in a state of peace and calmness. So be careful while choosing one for yourself.
Are also tired of not getting the pose right? A yoga mat might just help you.
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find your way to the haven. Read our article to know everything you should about yoga mats.

What is the importance of yoga mat in today’s yoga world?


As mentioned above yoga mats indeed play a very important role in our lives. Today yoga has gained a lot of practitioners because of its effective results. People almost from all over the world practice yoga and strive to get better every day.
Basically, what a yoga mat does is that it helps you get in alignment with the pose. Not only this but it serves as a place where your mind and body can relax and let go of all the tension. Its anti-slipping nature helps you to have a grip on every pose.
Scientifically, a yoga mat avoids any loss of heat, energy from the body to the ground thereby provides thermal insulation.
In today’s yoga world yoga mat is definitely considered to be a crucial part of your yoga workouts. According to the international yoga federation, 300 million people all over the world perform yoga and for most, yoga is incomplete without a yoga mat.


Non-slip yoga mats to save you from all the humiliation.

Are you tired of trying the poses so many times and yet not getting it right? Or are you tired of humiliating yourself in the yoga class? Have no worries, non-slip yoga mats have got your back. The non-slipping feature of the yoga mat helps you have a firm grip on the ground and saves you from all the humiliation.

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Things you should consider before choosing your non-slip yoga mat.


A yoga mat is going to be your constant companion in your yoga journey so you need one that suits you. Here are some tips to choose the best non-slip yoga mats as per your convenience.


Your yoga mat needs to have just the right amount of thickness. Too thin, might hurt your knees and too thick, would be hard to fold well. A standard yoga mat is one quarter of an inch thick, which is great for most people.

Stickiness and texture.

You need your mat to be sticky enough to hold your poses as you move. But too sticky mat can sometimes cause irritation especially to people who sweat a lot. Smooth mats are available in the market but even they might lack stickiness. so try choosing a mat with a textured pattern it gives you a natural grip.


Choosing the perfect material for yoga mats is important. People usually go for cotton and jute non-slip yoga mats because they provide you a firm grip but don’t forget there are even rubber mats with amazing grip in the market.


Consider yoga mats as your investment. Better the yoga mat longer it will last so don’t only focus on the price. Rates of non-slip yoga mats range between expensive to affordable. But it’s okay if your yoga mat is a little more expensive than others, with such mats you might not have to think of any other mat anytime soon.

Gaiam yoga mat v/s lululemon yoga mat.


Gaiam yoga mat

Gaiam yoga mats are considered to be the most affordable yoga pants in the market. These mats are 5mm thick so you feel comfortable and yet it is light and portable.

Gaiam yoga mats are usually made from PVC. Even though a lot of practitioners prefer yoga mats made from rubber, jute, or cotton, Gaiam yoga mats have gained importance.


Lululemon yoga mat.

Lululemon is one of the most renowned companies selling yoga products. As you search for yoga mats lululemon yoga mats will be always on the top.

The newest edition of the lululemon yoga mat is the reversible mat. It has become popular in no time. After being tested in a lot of heated classes it proves to be very comfortable, stable, and gas excellent traction. Even though lululemon yoga mats are thick they provide good assistance to clean.

Are hot yoga mats different?

 Doesn’t matter if you are an expert or just a beginner for hot yoga or Bikram yoga, you are going to sweat more than you can ever imagine. You sweat so much in these classes that you literally become wet soaked in your own sweat. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best kind of hot yoga mat specially made for these classes.


What are the features of hot yoga mats?

1.Made from Non-slip rubber microfibre

Hot yoga mats are made from non-slip rubber microfiber so it can assess you to get in alignment with your pose and hold every pose as you move.

  1. Thicker mat

Hot yoga mats are thicker than normal mats to avoid the transfer of heat and energy from the body to the ground.

  1. stable

Hot yoga mats provide more stability they are properly cushioned and padded for your comfort


Advantages of using a hot yoga mat.

  1. Doesn’t let you slip
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Affordable range
  4. Extra sticky
  5. Very stable
  6. Thicker than other mats

5. Use a yoga mat bag for your convenience.

Carrying a yoga mat alone to the yoga class is genuinely a bit awkward. Not only that, but it is also very inconvenient. It is also not very safe for yoga mats. But we got the solution to all your problems. A yoga mat bag is something that might get handy. It helps to carry a yoga mat everywhere you go. Indeed there are a lot of options for yoga mat bags in the market. There are some specialized yoga mat bags made just for the special yoga mats.

Benefits of using a yoga mat bag.

Easy on the shoulder.

Yoga mat bags from a good company have a good quality strap and it is also adjustable to help you carry your mat without putting any pressure on your shoulder. 

Saves you from the awkwardness

Without a yoga mat bag, you have to carry the mat awkwardly under your arms and it is also very inconvenient so cut yourself some slacks and use a yoga mat bag.

Safe to use

Yoga mat bags have a zipper which assures the security of our bag, especially at night. Some bags also have pockets to keep your other essentials like bottles, keys, phones.

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6. What basically does yoga mat strap does


Doing yoga at home is not a problem but when joining a yoga class or community to enhance results it becomes a problem to carry your yoga mat from home to the studio or class. A yoga bag is definitely an option but a yoga mat strap can be an alternative if you think a yoga bag would be too heavy to carry. Yoga mat strap allows you to carry your yoga mat without any hassle.

How to use a yoga mat strap?

Yoga mat straps wrap around the ends of your mat, creating an easy shoulder strap. Here’s how you can attach your strap to the mat

  1. Roll your mat,
  2.  slip the loop that you created
  3. Position your strap at the center of the mat.
  4. Tighten the loop securely around the mat
  5. Take the free end of the strap on your shoulder and then you are ready to take your mat with you.

Why should you use a yoga mat strap?

If you are using your bike to go to a yoga class or a subway to reach there the only problem is to carry your yoga mat in a sophisticated way. But do you do that if you don’t want to use a yoga mat bag? The answer is a yoga mat strap. Use a yoga mat strap and carry your yoga mat anywhere you like. These straps are not only limited to yoga mats but also help with a few poses of yoga-like downward-facing dog, cow face pose, seated forward bend, and so on.


7. Choose the perfect workout mat for best results.


If you are wondering whether yoga mat and workout mats are the same then you are wrong. Because every mat serves a different purpose based on your kind of exercise. Mats are generally used for support and cushion. Different exercises need different levels of support and using just the right mat will save you from getting injured. If you think to pick any random mat, choosing the proper mat based on your workout will serve its purpose and help you get the results you require.

How is a workout mat different from a yoga mat?

Workout mats and yoga mats have several differences. 


Yoga mats are generally thinner. They are about ½ to 1 inch thick whereas workout mats are thicker their thickness ranges between 1-3 inches


Yoga mats are found almost everywhere but workout mats are generally stocked in sports shops.


Yoga mats are used for lower impact exercises their padding is done accordingly whereas workout mats are made for high-intensity workouts it protects as well as the floor. 

Best workout yoga mats :

  • Gaiam yoga mat
  • Travel exercise mat
  • Tumbling mat
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8. Do pilates on your special pilates mat.

I know it is a little intimidating when you first enter your pilates class or watch a video thinking to do it at home and start wondering however could your body get engaged with that. But all it needs is a first firm step and everything finds its way ahead.
Pilates is almost based on the mat. Pilates mat is thicker than other mats giving you proper cushioning and padding to ease your pilates workout.

Features of pilate mats

Pilates mainly includes lying and seated poses. It is a heavy workout. Your body needs good support for doing pilates hence, pilate, mats are just what you need. They are thick and provide you with extra padding and cushion so that you are comfortable. 

Their main feature is that they cushion your knees, elbow wrist, or any other bony parts. 

There are also several exercises in pilates that can be only done if you have a pilate mat. Some of these exercises are

  1. Hundred
  2. Roll-up
  3. Roll-over
  4. Leg circle

What makes a pilate mat good?

  1. Thickness

You don’t want a thick mat if you are on the floor rolling your spine. That might injure so the thickness is something you need to keep in mind before buying a pilate mat. You also need your pilates mat to be sleeker and free from that sticky feeling. It needs to have a smoother surface that will give you access to greater stability.

  1. portability.

Are you planning to take your pilate mat somewhere? Maybe to the class or your gym or just on a vacation? portability is definitely something that crossed your mind. You can use yoga bad or yoga strap but some pilates mat also has a handle that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere.

  1. size

Every mat is almost of the same size; the standard size is 2 feet by 6 feet. But as mentioned above yoga mats are your safe havens so you can consider getting a bigger pilate mat if you like. It might give you a larger place to move around.

9. Eco yoga mats- befriend nature.

Yoga is derived from nature. In ancient times the yogis of India used to perform yoga mostly beneath the tree because there always has been a connection of our body and mind with nature. If nature has blessed us with this amazing concept of yoga it is our duty to give something and return. The only thing we can do for it is to protect it hence, the best option while using yoga mats is eco-friendly yoga mats. eco -friendly yoga mats have especially now gained a lot of importance.

Advantages of eco yoga mats

Do you know most of the yoga mats are made from plastic? they are usually made of low quality and cheap PVC.PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it’s made from petroleum. Phthalates are used to make mats made from PVC. They are known to be hormonal disruptors. They have adverse effects on our developmental, neurological, reproduction, and immune system. In addition to this, they can not be easily disposed of. So my advice to you guys is to try to stay away from them. The good news is you can anytime choose an eco yoga mat.

Eco yoga mats are environmentally friendly and they are not made of plastic. They can easily degrade too. Eco yoga mats may be a little costly but what’s more important than nature?

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10. Choose the material that suits you.


You can find innumerable yoga mats in the market. They are of different sizes, colors, types, and what on. But choosing the right material for you comes first. After all, comfort is what matters. There are several materials used for making yoga mats. best ones are:

Jute yoga mat.

A jute yoga mat has become the new favorite. Its eco-friendly feature has increased its demand. Jute is obtained from plants. It is nice and warm. Some mats are made of organic jute which is even better. Organic jute is recyclable, natural, and eco-friendly.

Why should a jute yoga mat be your choice?

  1. People who use jute mats are very impressed and highly recommend them to others.
  2. The best part about jute yoga mats is that they are very easy to clean you just wipe them with a cloth and you’re done
  3. They are very light and thin.
  4. Very portable, you can easily carry jute yoga mats with you.

Rubber yoga mat

Rubber yoga mats are known for their non-slip nature. They are the most slip-resistance material available. They are highly recommended for beginners. rubber yoga mats come with a lot of traction and sweat proof as well. They are also environment-friendly like jute yoga mats and are easily recyclable. 

Advantages of rubber yoga mat

  1. These mats are a very good choice for beginners
  2. Rubber yoga mats are properly padded so it gives you very good support. 
  3. Rubber yoga mats are Environment friendly.


11. Round yoga mats to vibe with yoga poses

Round mats help you to create your area where you can release your tension and have moments of relaxation. There are indeed some poses that can’t be done with a round yoga mat like pilates or push-ups but these mats give another kind of feeling you don’t need to keep changing the direction of round yoga mats all the time.
Round yoga mats have benefits in their own ways. It is psychologically proven that round shapes tend to have an effect on your mind. Corners of rectangular mats can distract you but there’s no such chance with around yoga mat.
Also, round yoga mats are highly recommended for teachers or instructors. the teacher can change their position easily to demonstrate oppose from different angles without worrying about the mat.

12. Tips to buy the best yoga mat


The Yoga mat is a companion that will be with you through your entire yoga journey. It is kind of an investment so be wise before choosing one. Here are some tips to get the best yoga mat for yourself.

It must be anti-skid

The main purpose of buying a mat is to do poses without slipping so try to choose the ones that are the most slip-resistant. Most of the yoga mats are anti-skid but the cheaper ones might have a slippery surface. Ao be careful especially while buying online

Choose a travel-friendly one.

The portability of a mat matters the most. Even though there are elements like a yoga bag and yoga strap to help you carry yoga mats with you, the weight of yoga mats becomes a problem so try to buy the yoga mat that you find the lightest and are also of good quality. 

Take care of textures and thickness too

The thickness of the yoga mat decides the padding and cushioning of your mat. a thin yoga mat is about 1/16 inches which is suitable for balance exercises. A ¼ inches thick mat is considered thick which can be useful for back support exercise, core work or inversions. If you have nothing particular in mind go for the standard thickness which is 33mm or ⅛ inches thick.

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13. Why should you use yoga mats?

Using yoga mats while doing yoga can help in very ways directly or indirectly. Being your first assistant for yoga practice, yoga mats take care of many things that help you correct your posture and protect you from many injuries. Here are some benefits of yoga mats.

Keeps you comfortable.

The main goal of buying a yoga mat is that you feel comfortable while doing yoga. The soft and thick material of yoga mats comforts your knees and elbows and wrists or any other bony part during specific poses like butterfly pose or lotus pose. Without a yoga mat, you won’t be able to hold such kind of poses for an extended period

It keeps your inflow. You can easily change your position for different poses.

Helps you maintain the balance.

There are some poses where the risk of slipping and skidding is more. Doing such poses without a yoga mat can lead to severe injury. A yoga mat helps you to have a proper grip and dive into the pose perfectly. With yoga mats, you can attain every pose with much more stability and improvisation.

Saves your energy

Yoga mat prevents your body from touching the ground hence it also prevents the transfer of body heat and energy t the ground. Yoga is all about utilizing the stored and deactivated Energy and supply it to various body parts. however, you might lose your chance to use the deactivated energy if you don’t use a yoga mat.

Creates space for you

As mentioned above yoga mats are metaphorically a place where you release your tension. Doing yoga on yoga mats gives you a sense of belonging and creates your own place where you can escape all the problems of your life.

14. 6 best yoga mats of 2020.

  1. Gaiam sol studio select
  2. Manduka pro yoga mat
  3. The Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1
  4. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose
  5. Reversible (Un) Mat at the shop
  6. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber XL

Thickness of a yoga mat merely depends on the type of workout you wish to do. a ¼ inch yoga mat is considered thick, it mostly focuses on supporting back, core exercises but if you have nothing specific in mind you can go for a mat which is 33mm or1/8inches thick.

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One side of the yoga mat is a little bumpier than the other, if your mat’s both sides are bumpy then look for the one that’s bumpier. That is one that is supposed to face up. The bumpy side of the mat gives you more support and helps you do every pose with ease.

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The thickness and firmness of the yoga mat differs from a normal yoga mat and an exercise mat. Exercise mats sare thicker than yoga mats as they are made for high intensity workout where on the other hand yoga mats are thinner and a little firm.

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  • Add one or two drop of oil in your spray bottle and with clear water
  • Ig your mat is specially stinky then, add a spoon of baking soda
  • Shake well
  • Spray this solution over your mat.
  • And clean it with hat, damp towel.

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The life of your yoga mat depends on the quality. The besser the quality the more it will last. But according to the rule one is supposed to change their yoga mats every 6 to 12 months. But be careful about the warning signs that your mat gives you.

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“The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough”

Yoga mats are just that part of yoga that you can’t separate.so if you are looking for the missing element in your yoga practice, check if you got a yoga mat. i hope you have an amazing yoga practice after you buy your yoga mat.

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