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Do you ever feel that the mechanism your body has is miraculous, and there is yet so much to explore? So much to improve…e there are millions of facts that you are unaware of your body? Doesn’t this make you a little curious? We went it through as well. Every time something would hurt, and as soon as We made a yogic move, the way it healed left me stunned.

So we decided to go in-depth with it. We spent sleepless nights searching and learning about wonderful yoga and the mysterious ways by which it heals us, builds us, and can turn our lives upside down. So we all yoga enthusiasts got together, and we decided to start

ClubVigorous.com helping working women who want to start their journey with yoga.

ClubVigorous.com is basically to encourage all the people out there to perform yoga who keep scrolling through different youtube videos, read millions of articles, and keep cursing about how unhealthy they are. But trust me, all it takes for you is to take one step. One step, little effort to involve yoga in your daily routine, and you won’t even realize how fond you have become of it after a few weeks.

Our articles will be enough help for you to boost your every yoga practice. With ClubVigorous.com, we try to expand the foundation of people’s yoga practice with our guides of different yoga styles, yoga terminology, philosophy, history, and more.

Yoga helps you find your true self. It allows you to see the world that is working for you instead of against you. Yoga reminds us that everything is connected, so we must live, breathe, and enjoy our lives. We have just started with this journey to make the world see the mysterious ways of yoga.

How can a human body ever possess so much power? As astonishing as it sounds, it’s real. People have done unimaginable things with the help of yoga. Indian yogis that explored yoga even at some point after years and years of practice could lift their body in the air with any support. yes! I know it’s unbelievable, but it’s true!

This is how much power yoga has over your body. This is how much power you have over your body.


So let me introduce ourselves.

ClubVigorous.com is a group of yoga enthusiasts astonished by yoga’s power to share our yoga experiences and knowledge with all you people to make your lives better. It is our core belief that to heal others. First, we need to heal ourselves. We try to help people not only in their good times but also in their hard times. With our yoga tools, pictures, and article dedicated to different yoga styles, ClubVigorous.com tries to make a difference in people’s lives.

ClubVigorous.com LOOKS OUT FOR YOU.

If you are a working woman.. tired and exhausted at the end of the day and need something to relax, we got your back. Our articles provide you with a complete illustration of different yoga poses to relax, release your stress, and enhance your stamina. If you are looking to strengthen your body parts, we got your back again. You’ll find everything related to yoga in our article.


It is not true that yoga is only for a slim woman. No matter your color, class, culture, sex, age, or size, we all belong together. We all can have the pleasure of yoga in our lives. ClubVigorous.com, we believe in inclusion and diversity not only in yoga but everywhere.

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